a weekend diary.

The red light dimmed the crowded space at Le Zorba as we sipped gin and tonic water and discussed menstruation. Below, a small crowd of people gather to listen, dance and appreciate a local band. We drank, applied glitter and stood up to dance with Parisian strangers. And then, we parted, smoked a menthol and wandered up the streets of Belleville. Come on Eileen struck from a distance. We entered, we danced, we conquered and we left the crowded bar an hour later. Someone spilt a shot in my hair and the DJ didn’t take requests. We found one euro Pain au Chocolats and sat inside the small store before we ran for the night bus.

The next day began at 12:30pm. The sun was shining and the windows were warm with the midday heat. We discussed racism, self awareness and justice before voyaging to Le Marais to drop off film at Lomography. We sat on the sidewalk for an hour people watching, curating personalities for the passers by until everyone became an callous blur. We passed the Penis Bakery, bumped into some friends, browsed an art exhibition and window shopped until dinner time at Hank Pizza.

We met up with some other mutuals and attended the Nuit de Musée’s at le Pompideau. We danced in newspaper dresses and viewed the sunset from the 5th floor. The sky darkened and everyone became a perfect black silhouette in my camera lens. Then we looked at art, ate McDonalds fries and went home. I saw my Opera singer friend on the train.

C’est Dimanche.
Market strolling, Chipotle consuming and a lot of sitting. It was hot, again, and Luxembourg Gardens was where we found ourselves. We didn’t talk about much, just sat, breathed and occasionally discussed music. We then went for an EP launch in Republique. The last ray’s of sunlight shone through the left window, catching light to the dust in the air before landing audaciously on my face, blinding my eyes. I watched people slowly pour into the spacious living room on the fifth level, bisousing their friends, smoking cigarettes on the balcony and sipping wine from colourful cups. We talked about opening up our own store. Dawnie and Lucas played their EP. We au revoired and finished the evening watching people skate in the main square. Then I was alone again, on the metro finding my way back home.


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