home from the uk

Sometimes it can be overwhelming meeting new people all the time. The weird thing about travelling is how temporary everything is. I am meeting people who I really get along with, but then three days later I leave and I don’t know when or if I will ever see them again. You consistently have to put your best self forward in order for someone to grasp a somewhat accurate perception of who you are as a person. It’s intimidating. When I was in London, we were hanging out with a friend of a friend for a few hours and when we had to leave, it wasn’t just see you later, it was goodbye forever; and that’s really weird. Overall, my 8 days spent in the UK were great. Scotland was refreshing, green, quaint and very homey. London was clean, dynamic, fast, inspiring and emotional. I spent an extensive amount of money on food, however no regrets, of course.  My friends and I shared very intimate conversations over multiple dinners. About sexuality, growing up, mental illness, social anxiety and art, among other things. Vulnerable conversation is always important for self growth, and understanding of ourselves and others.

I learnt that I have a different view on travel to many other people. City hopping, eating cereal three times a day in a bunk bed and flocking to the tourist sights for 15 minutes each is not for me at all. We went to Camden one day, a place i’ve been before, and it was so overly packed with tourists, starchy market stalls selling emoji t-shirts and way too much noise. I knew I wanted to travel this year, but I wanted to live somewhere, to get to know a place, rather than take a picture and leave 48 hours later. I’d rather go to Fjords in Norway or a lake in Austria that go to yet another European city.  Lol no offence Europe – but many major cities here kind of offer the same thing..a big cathedral, old buildings..ok yes I sound very uncultured but it’s just my opinion. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pictures.

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