chamonix – mont blanc.


Some snaps from my 8 days in Chamonix – Mont Blanc.

Chamonix is actually THE most amazing place I have ever been..I thought it was Interlarken in Switzerland but I have changed my mind. I can’t wait to go back and frolic in the snow and eat overpriced cookies on top of mountains and ponder over a glacier about how god damn cool life is. I’ve never felt more gratitude in my life.

I finished the week doing red slopes on the top of Le Tour so I guess i’m kind of professional now? contact me for sponsorships x

Amy and Vicky, thanks for the free wine.

Also, shoutout to the guy from Stockholm who worked in the bar we went too. You’re really cute.

Also, Christoph, i’ll see you at the disco tech. I know you’ve still got it in you. Maybe we can go off pist one time.

Lastly, thank you Susanne for teaching me to ski. Sorry I was kind of an asshole. I’m an Australian. We all are.




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