life lessons in paris.

I’ve realised a lot about life in the past month. One, that you can transform yourself at any moment. Two, that Australia is probably the best country on earth. Three, that getting to know a city is like falling in love with a person; it will only get better with time. Four, that I am excessively passionate about politics, and I apologise in advance if I start to repeat myself but there are just some things I feel so damn strongly about. Five, that every moment is incredibly fragile, so hold on to everyone you love, for they will be waiting at the other end to hear about your story no matter how far away that time is.

IN OTHER NEWS: I went to the Women’s March in Paris and was grateful to be apart of such an empowering movement surrounded by so many passionate people. Don’t be afraid to discuss feminism or injustice because what is happening right now in America is not normal, not okay and definitely fucked up. Hopefully this step backwards is paving the way for many steps forward when the millennials move in take over the world as we know it. We’re smart people you know, so be ready.

below are some quick snaps over the past week. i’m hoping to start taking more on my DSLR cam so hopefully the quality can improve.

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