My first week in Paris

I’m currently in Starbucks, in Gare Saint Lazare, looking out the window with my soy latte and waiting for a friend to arrive. Unfortunately the wifi doesn’t work and I am yet to receive my SIM card but eh c’est la vie. I took my first train from the village I’m living in this morning, and as I sat on the right side of the carriage I watched the pink sky coat the Eiffel Tower and the despite the lack of interest from everyone else in the carriage, I was sitting there like HOLY SHIT this is my life now.

Anyway, it’s freezing, the car door wouldn’t open due to the ice, and it snowed all day yesterday as I sat inside and browsed the Internet for cheap trains to Amsterdam then pondered whether I should head to Italy or Spain for my “spring break.” Also, I just got the news last night that I will be heading to Chamonix (French Alps) for the first week of February on a ski trip so that is lush and i’m beyond stoked. On a food note, I told myself I would be healthy this year, yet I’ve eaten Nutella everyday and bread with every meal. Smart janals. Always following through.

I went to an apéritif with the family and neighbours last night, and I’m sure you can relate if you’ve been to a country where you don’t speak the language. It’s the most frustrating thing in the WORLD when you’re in a circle of conversation and have no idea what anyone is saying, and then have decide where and who to give eye contact to and when you should smile so you don’t look rude, (Pia I know you know the feeling). I resulted to reading the family calendar on the fridge at least 8 times and showing deep fascination with the photos on the wall.

On another note, a really posh bottle of champagne which in Australia is $105.00 was ONLY 32€, and I can buy homemade chocolate mousse from an Italian restaurant just 300m from my bedroom.

The kids I’m looking after are so cute, but the boy doesn’t really speak English and he’s always getting annoyed at me because I CANT UNDERSTAND him but I don’t think he realises that. Eh. Challenges.
I’m wearing 5 layers of clothing and a cashmere scarf and it’s only 0 degrees. Tomorrow it’s set to be -6, and I’ve already told the neighbour I will walk the dog..which was a long time coming since I stood outside her gate for 20 minutes in the snow until I gave up and went home to a message on my phone explaining that there are two houses with the same number..can’t wait to be slipping on the ice and slowly loosing my toes to frost bite 🙂 but how can I complain..I’m living in Paris.

A bientôt


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