you should read the secret history.

My favourite book of all time is The Secret History by Donna Tartt. It’s the most amazing coming of age novel i’ve ever come across. I love reading novels that respect the intelligence of young people, viewing us as people with entitled opinions and hardships just as difficult as those above us in age. I recently finished it for the second time the other day, and I was reflecting on hedonism and youthfulness and what it means to be young whilst lying on my bed listening to Cigarettes After Sex (good band btw). The journey into adulthood for these eccentric group of college misfits goes beyond the boundaries of normal morality. I think I saw a lot of myself and my friends in the characters; a group of people with different interests yet somehow connected to one another via the stars (well, I think so). Their independance and exclusivity was intriguing and in some ways, inspiring; it made me wonder how I would be interpreted by the group, or whether I would actually get along with any of them.

My friends and I in high school were a group of people strung together by a whole chain of strange events but like always, life took its course and it all worked out perfectly. Some of my friends are fans of Nirvana and the Pixies and others are into A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean. Some have girlfriends, some have boyfriends, some take drugs and some drink alcohol at lunchtime. Anyways, although we all did and continue to do some stupid things, we all have different ways of dealing with our own realities whilst growing up, so you’re no better because you refrain from something someone else chooses to do. You can’t preach a holy book as the truth unless you’ve read the whole thing. Just like you can’t tell someone something is wrong if you don’t fully understand it yourself.

We all have different experiences, thoughts, emotions and characteristics. People aren’t always who they are in your head. Some people believe in ghosts and some people don’t. We are never all going to agree, so create your perceptions of people on who they are, not what they choose to do. Anyway, it’s really empowering to know that just because something isn’t right in someone else’s, doesn’t mean its wrong. We all have a different perception of the world, remember that.


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