I’m moving to paris.


The past 11 years growing up in the Hinterland have been bomb. It’s my hometown, even though I have only been living here since the age of 7. Living in a small rainforest town, yet also being 30 minutes from the ocean and city is the ultimate trifector. But, as lovely as it is, I am bored. And that is one thing I will refuse to be. After graduating high school, travelling Europe for the summer and then returning to Queensland, I sat still as I watched my entire “life plan” fall apart. I came from an extreme high to extreme low. From march to the end may, I was studying at university and had “moved out” despite the fact I was still living at home 80% of the time. Those three months were perhaps the lowest i’ve been my whole life. So, I dropped out, broke the lease and left.

I’m a Sagittarius. I’m independent. I’m stubborn. I’m curious and I’m an adventurer. My desire to learn lessons for myself, uncover the answers of the universe, and experience the world through a lens of my own runs in my blood.

This really long chapter has come to close, and a new one begins in January when I move to Paris where I will be working as an au pair.

I can’t wait to feel inspired again, travel, learn, take new risks, meet new people and call a city that once scared the shit out of me, my new home. well, for a year.

I look forward to making new content, skating around, eating bread, making films for my youtube and continuing to blog.

And what I will do once the years over? i’ll find that answer when the time comes.


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