Fashion Week: My Thoughts

I love and hate fashion week. I mean, when you strip away the pretentiousness and celebrity culture it’s a cool time to embrace art, creativity, self expression and clothing. I  love Fashion Designers, a lot. I admire their influence, creativity, their take on culture and the clothes they create. Of course, not all designers appeal to me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect their art.

Social Media and the Kylie Jenner’s of the world have had a weird impact on fashion. Because yes, Kylie wears some bomb ass outfits, but..she has an entire team of trained stylists and an uncapped bank account to achieve her fashion status, so how much credit can you really give her? Does she start trends? Well, of course she does, when you have 70 million followers on Instagram you’re bound to have an impact. It’s easy to look stylish when you have on an Alexander Wang jacket and Saint Laurent boots. Same goes for Kim K, or Gigi Hadid, or the many other celebrity status models with stylists who I don’t really see as inspirations.

My favourite part of fashion week is how ‘normal’ people in society take inspiration and how the different collections inspire different people in the way they dress. It’s about what the 19 year old girl from Brooklyn decides to wear to a bar on a Thursday evening. It’s about the hair style you choose after you notice Alex Brownsell’s structured braid for Ashley Williams. Fashion Week is about developing trends, and it’s not necessarily the actual clothes being walked down the runway, but it’s the idea and context behind them that have the biggest influence.

ABOVE: Alexander Wang Photographed by Joshua Woods



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