Why I’m leaving university, Moving on, Growing Up

I decided probably about 2 weeks into university that I was not going to finish my degree there. I decided the day after I moved out into an apartment in Brisbane that I had make the wrong decision. But either way, the past 6 months have been a major growing experience and i’m grateful I went through it. Mistakes are an important. ¬†I often don’t tell people what I’m thinking, a, because it’s probably offensive or b, i’m a firm believer in the fact you should always disclose your next move until the moment you make it. So, even though I made this decision a long time ago, i’m sharing it now. That city was toxic for me. I felt completely detached from myself whenever I was there. Since I could first think, I have been incredibly thoughtfully independent. I do not listen to other peoples advice, a lot of the time. I form my own opinions. I make decisions with my own best interest in mind. You can call me selfish, I don’t really care, but i’d rather be selfish than live someone else’s life and be miserable. I’m an hedonist. I live life in pursuit of my own pleasure. Because why wouldn’t I? I’m living for myself. Back to the point, yes, I am going to get a degree (that’s my thoughts right now), but, in a different place. I’m not going to share where or when or with who, because thats my business, or the people who I’ve told. I’m working on myself. I want to be a creator, and i’m going to do the right shit that is going to take me there. I’m cutting out people who don’t inspire me or treat me in a way I wanna be treated. If I stop hitting you up, don’t take it the wrong way. Humans aren’t permanent. They come and go. High schools over. People need to¬†understand that I’m not the person I was a year ago. I’m moving on.

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