March/April Favourites


Vans: I really don’t think there was a day this month I didn’t wear vans.

T-shirt:s: Namely, my urban outfitters t-shrits, that I just somehow never get sick of.


Monster Children: Monster Children celebrated their 50th issue this month, and it was a collection of 50 ‘heroes.’ Goon Sax, a Brisbane based band whom I share many mutual friends with was featured which was so cool considering they were playing bars with 12 people this time last year. Their website it also cool. Have a gander.

Messy Heads: The Messy Heads is a website I found last month created by Emma, a girl from LA, who shares stories, thoughts and inspiration in a very artistic but relatable and inspiring way. Check it out. She is good friends with Byron native Cartia Mallan, and did a few Australian posts which was cool.



A$AP Rocky’s Tumblr: Well not just his tumblr, but Rocky in general.

Clayton Vomero: The man behind my all time favourite short film ever produced, also happens to be a brilliant photographer. I have taken so much inspiration from his website and Instagram.


Sweden/Norway: I have encountered an obsession with Scandinavia that I don’t see fading anytime soon. Despite watching every single Sweden travel vlog on YouTube and following all relevant twitter & Instagram accounts, I just cannot get enough. I have already started taking Swedish because I want to go SO bad.


Let Go Avril Lavigne

I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It

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