Inspired by the dynamistic and culturally diverse streets of South East London , Taylor’s photographs have a tangible depth that capture intimacy in a range of subjects. 
So where did you grow up?
I grew up in South East London, where I have lived my entire life with my mum and two siblings. I lived in the middle of so many different towns so growing up I had always explored and was outgoing, which is probably why I love to travel around London so much. South East London is very urban and very working class, so my politics have always been very liberal being influenced by the people around me, and I think this can be depicted in my photographs. 
Has London Culture had an impact on your photography?
What drives me to take a photograph is mainly colour and lines; surrounded by architecture i.e gritty flats. It gives a sense of my cultural background. As before mentioned, I have always been very liberal, and as I have grown up surrounded by different media platforms I am constantly involved and influenced. Some of my work is feminist art, some of my work is almost cinematic, and some is somewhat any where in between. I have no real focus yet, which I hope to develop over the years to come with further education which I will be studying in South East London. 


What do you shoot with?

I like to experiment with material such as digital as well as analogue, because I want to essentially portray my own style despite the differences in cameras. I specifically shoot on Canon 1100D which I got for my 14th birthday. Its pretty shit but you know working class and all that. I have bought some pretty decent lenses such as the 50mm which I can use to really go into depth with real and raw photographs of skin and the human body. Its really good for a sense of intimacy which I like to show in my photographs. I have always been very detached from other people – especially the people I was brought up with, and have had no real relationship to them. Until I had accepted my own personal views and aesthetics, I have gained a relationship with myself, which I think is why I love to show intimacy in my work. 

Ideal shooting location/atmosphere?
I have always wanted to photograph America. The colours, the films and the madness of junk food just pushes me closer to one day fulfilling this dream. I watch lots of foreign films, I appreciate niche films so much more, and it seems every country apart from England has beauty in their lighting. Its very grey here, so I’d love to photograph things in America, maybe women in America.  


Would you like photography to be apart of your professional career?
I have no intention of doing any besides create work. It’s a continuous development of my personality. I am influenced by other artists everyday and it shapes me in some way or another, and I’m excited what I will be like in a few years time. Whether I will truly find an authentic style. 
Best piece of advice? 
I have never really given much advice, because I don’t have a solid philosophy. However my favourite quote is ‘Find what you love and let it kill you’ – Charles Bukowski, so that would be my advice.


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