Berlin Through a 17 year olds Eyes







In January this year I made the 8 hour voyage from Lucerne, Switzerland to Germanys capital Berlin. We got off at the main station in Berlin (Berlin hbf) and made our way to Ostkreuz and then to Landsberger Alle. We then had to pull our over packed and excessively large suitcases through 4 inch snow to our hotel. Turns out we went the long way.
Although my stay wasn’t as long I would have liked, I did learn quite a bit about the city and how it operates. It was negative 8 degrees when we arrived and my friend and I didn’t know a word of German other than yes, no, hello, please and thankyou. To be completely honest, travelling in a country where you don’t know the language can suck, and even though most Germans can speak English, I still feel like you don’t get the same experience. If it wasn’t for the police officer who happened to be in our train booth then we literally would not have made it to the hotel. For the four days I was in Berlin, I did not pay a single cent for transport. I don’t know if that was illegal or? But no one ever checked, and we didn’t even see places where you could even buy tickets so embrace this and travel everywhere by the metro. But download the app first so you can plan your journeys before hand because you will most likely have to change trains. I probably spent over 100 quid on my oyster card for the times I was in London so having a metro that is free is like the literally the best things= ever.
Anyway, if you happen to be vegan or vegetarian, get off at Frankfurter Allee and walk out and under the bridge and turn right and you will come to a really fucking good Japanese restaurant followed by like 20 vegan restaurants. Search the area online first and plan to the ones you want to go to so you don’t waste time walking in circles like we did. Oh, and other tip, BRING CASH! A lot of the smaller restaurants will not accept card.
Berlin is a relatively safe place I thought, and it’s covered in street art. As in like, you will really struggle to find a blank wall pretty much anywhere in the city. Go to some art shows, of course see the Berlin wall (search East Side Gallery) and do the Jewish Holocaust Museum. It requires a lot of reading but I found it really moving, oh and its free. Most things in Berlin are free. Thankyou Germany.
Berlin is also known for its nightlife, so do some research online and find some cool places to go out. Definitely do plan this however because there are some dodgy areas in Berlin.
When I was in both London and at a party in Paris and I mentioned I was going to berlin, pretty much the first thing everyone said was about Berghain, which is an exclusive club that is extremely hard to get into. I mean I suppose you should try and get in but the wait can be up to three hours and the chances of you getting turned away are likely. You can read more about it here
Heres also another list of clubs that are supposed to be good. 
 I look forward to when I am little bit older to head back to Berlin and maybe stay for a month. I know there’s a whole underground culture and the youth life there is euphoric and enticing and I am excited to experience it. Anything goes in Berlin, and it was also one of David Bowies favourite places so like, that says a lot in itself.
So yeah, those are my thoughts on Berlin, let me know if you have questions. I think I will do my experience in France next.

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