Through the Years: Music

Growing up in my family and being surrounded by my parents music all the time has definitely had an impact on what music I like now. My dad is an avid rock and roll fan, who continues to blast AC/DC and The Rolling Stones every car trip, and my mum, is more into Cold Chisel, INXS, Crowded House and Dire Straights. Her favourite song is Come Said The Boy. My mum took me to a Cyndi Lauper concert when I was 15 – she touched my hand – it was great. My parents listen(ed) to a Gold Coast Radio station called Gold FM which basically plays all music pre 2000. So that’s how I know the words to every 80s song ever.
My first actual concert was ..HillSong United. lol. My Christian friend invited me along and to be fair it was actually really fun. I can’t explicitly remember all the concerts i’ve been to now, as I went so regularly and spent basically all the money I earned from my waitress job on tickets.
 I remember this one time I actually PAID my older cousin 5 dollars to listen to 30H!’s song Starstruckk three times on her web slider. Listening to music when I was younger was a much more exclusive experience. You had to physically buy the CD just to hear the songs you desired.
The first album I ever bought was Avril Lavignes Let Go, released in 2002. I’m not gonna lie, I still think its one of my favourite albums ever. I listened to it about three times on the train to Berlin earlier this year. I always thought Avril with her whole punk vibe was really cool when I was younger. I also liked Christina Agulira, Rihanna, Lily Allan and Destiny’s Child.
My music taste throughout high school changed a lot, in grade 8/9, I was into 360, an Australian rapper who was actually kind of the best thing ever. I also loved The Killers, MGMT, We The Kings and All Time Low.  Most of my friends were super into Lana Del Rey, and I was like the only one that wasn’t.
Late high school, I was OBSESSED with The 1975. i’ve seen them live 5 times! I also really liked The xx, The Kooks, Sticky Fingers, Twenty One Pilots, Two Door Cinema Club, The Wombats, Sonic Youth, Halsey (?..) and Catfish & The Bottlemen. Now I would say some of my favourite artists/bands are Beach House, Bon Iver, My Bloody Valentine, Bleachers, DIIV, Kendrick Lamar, The Blue Nile, Frank Ocean, Lewis Del Mer..
So yeah.
Below are some musicians I find inspiring.
Debbie Harry is an actual, like actual goddess.
You go Kathleen, I am thankful for what you did everyday.                                                     
When injustice becomes custom, resistance becomes a duty. You empowered. I love you for that. 
Debbie Harry again


The legend himself, Mr David Bowie. “I don’t know where I am going form here, but I promise it won’t be boring.


Kurt was so ahead of his years. He was so vastly aware of culture, and women, and judgement. I will continue to be inspired by him for the rest of my days..I’ve been reading his journals lately, I just ADORE his mind.
Avril in the sk8er boy music video.


The glasses, love it.


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