Feb Style Inspo

To be honest, this actually has nothing to do with whats on trend in February, just stuff I think is cool right now. Even if it was actually cool three years ago.

Jackets with prints.
Denims with print, you can even DIY this. Scavenge one from an OP shot and personalise.
I don’t know, I just think ponchos are cute right now.


I feel like if you wore a blouse like this to a dinner or an art show you’d just look so badass and people would totally remember you.


Since my friend in London got me an oversize scarf for Christmas, i’ve been obsessed. Patiently waiting for Australia to cool down.
Backwards cap, cute. Badass.
Bandana around the next to add some spice to your outfit.


Oversize coat, worn un done and with jeans and a coffee in the left hand.


More oversized coats.


I bought these the other day, they are SO GOOD. I love them, dearly, but they are sold out pretty much everywhere so if you want to get your hands on a pair act fast.

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