Fashion & Beauty: November

I have had very light blonde hair for a while now, and I had been waiting for school to finish before I went full white. Now I can. Stoked.
Ever since Chanel SS16 did the blue eyeshadow, I have kind of  been obsessed. I just think it’s very different and daring and can change up a whole look.

Following with the Chanel trends, I pretty much freaked out when I saw the hats. Yeah, I know it is not everyones taste but I think it signifies a lot. Fashion lines that have been gender segregated for so long are being blurred and it shows that girls can too pull off a snapback without the annotations of being a hipster.
Yeah, these are pretty trendy right now, but I think these trainers above will look 10 times cooler in 6 months time with dirt on the sides. Overall cool shoes though.
Plain White T’s for the summer. Brandy Melville are the industry choice for softness. Just saying.
I don’t actually know what to call this one, but cute little dots below the eyes. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s really cool.  It looks better in black but I couldn’t locate a good picture. 
Bralettes under lace tops. This is one of the ones I have, from Urban Outfitters, and I am kind of in love with it. Great for summer. 


Unisex T-shirts. I chose Cheap Monday because, 1, I wear mine all the time and 2, it’s a great brand that doesn’t genderise their clothing. And Harry Styles wears them.
Thigh length shorts. I kind of wear them almost everyday. I find longer shorts so much more me and comfortable than mini shorts.

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