Not Afraid: Paris

In response to what’s just happened in Paris, I firstly want to send my love and sympathy to each person affected. I can’t even begin to imagine what the families and friends of those lives lost and injured are going through right now.
Where did humanity go wrong? That really is the question. Where the hell did human morals become so hijacked that some people believe it is okay to kill another person in the name of their belief in a divine being. This post goes out to every single life that has been lost due to jihad inspired terrorism. ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban just to name a few..these people are not people. Any person who takes an innocent life does not deserve to be on this planet. I am not blaming the Muslim faith. In fact, these terrorists make up 0.01 percent of the Islamic faith. We cannot go against Muslims. That is what ISIS want. They want the west to turn against their muslim citizens so they have no where to turn other than back to ISIS. We cannot let that happen. Muslims of the world, and the remaining citizens of other countries need to COME TOGETHER.
Man, we have been living here for thousands of years but still haven’t learned how to walk this earth like brothers and sisters. It really does make me feel sick. All we are is feeble lumps of cells crawling the earth deluding ourselves into thinking that what we do is so important. Happiness, love and joy are the only things we know to fufill a life. Yet so many people just don’t get it. It really is that simple. You don’t have to live your life under a ruler, a master or a book, just fucking enjoy yourself and spread love and peace.
No, I don’t have a solution for the terror in the world right now. We all know that air strikes that kill innocents aren’t exactly the answer either, but what really can be done? I can only hope that some way some how the world can know peace again. No, I will not say pray for paris because, as mentioned in the Charlie Hebdo french magazine which was the target of a terrorist attack in January.

“Friends from the whole world, thank you for #prayforparis, but we don’t need more religion, our faith goes to music! kisses! life! Champagne and joy! #Parisaboutlife

Another one of the Charlie Hebdo drawings addresses the terrorists themselves (translation), “Lovers of death, if God exists, he hated you. And you have already lost, both on earth and in heaven.”


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