Young Blood

High Schools over. I entered high school as a confused, highly unfashionable, shy and neurotic person. I didn’t know a lot of things. I still don’t know a lot of things. But I know more. I will never forget my time in high school. The friends I made. The times I spent crying in a park nearby or smiling at the sky in the middle of a moshpit. The time I got a tattoo in my friends bedroom at fifteen, or the times we went to bakery at 1am to get food that didn’t even taste good. The endless hours my friends and I spent sitting at our favourite table at our favourite cafe every week. That time we got robbed at the beach. The times at Joels house. The endless conversions I had about religion and consciousness. The times Tia and I spent sending prank emails every business lesson for 2 years. The time we slept in the car at Byron Bay on the side of the road and watched the sunrise over the ocean. The endless concerts I attended with Indra. The times we spent playing guitar in the park, or playing spotlight in the botanic gardens at night. The time Nirvana Lilli and I got lost on a bus at midnight and sang on the train. The times we watched the sunset over the mountains. When we danced on the beach under the full moon.

I will never forget this. As we go our separate ways, you will always be will me.

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