Teenage Girls Criticised For Their Music Taste

The Alternative fan base is a lot different that it use to be. I think new millennium females are stepping out of the norm, out of the box from traditional radio pop and exploring more ethnical and alternative genres. We are a generation that’s looking further than radio love songs. We are searching for artists that collate with a more poetic and romanticised lifestyle. If you go to a Catfish and the Bottlmen gig, a true alternative act, it’s likely that a large portion of the audience will be teenage girls. It’s funny, people in the music industry see the crowds at shows like The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys and look away because apparently if teenage girls like that style of music “it mustn’t be very good.” “It must be lame and mainstream.”

But why do we have this stigma? Since when is the music taste of teenage girls a deciphering factor in how good an artist or band is? You would be lying if you can’t admit that The Beatles made their success through teenage girls. But The Beatles still made great music, right? So why are teenage girls today so marginalised in the music industry? Why are teenage girls not allowed to have a good music taste? Since when is our view on music different to that of a guy. I’m sure if you went to a Metallica concert, a lot of the audience would be young men, so where’s the stigma that “Teenage boys like Metallica so Metallica must suck.” Non existent. Do you see?

Gender Gaps are everywhere, and no it isn’t fair. In fact, cool, intelligent teenage girls are everywhere. And we can be revolutionary. Power to the youth.

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