I am No Longer Afraid to Die

In 1951, Albert Einstein sent a letter to a women answering “What’s the point of living?” Einstein replied, “The question ‘why’ in the human sphere is easy to answer, to create satisfaction for ourselves and other people. In the extra-human sphere the question has no meaning. Also, the belief in God is no way out for in this case you may ask “Why God.” 
The only real answer you can give to a why question is simply, because. As Lisa Randall said, “Our universe is in many respects sublime. It prompts wonder but can be daunting — even frightening — in its complexity. Nonetheless, the components fit together in marvelous ways.” 

Each night as I look up, I sometimes forget I am looking at something with no ending. As we stare into space, we stare into the only infinity we know. Infinity doesn’t really make sense. Because how can something simply, continue, how can we possibly comprehend that there are thousands of galaxies beyond our own? I don’t think we were meant to understand. One day I won’t have sadness anymore, and each day I grow my fears will become smaller. One day I will learn to scream above the water. I no longer want to be troubled by the emptiness. I don’t want to escape anymore. As I look around, the world is a beautiful place, and out of the 7 billion people alive I have one thing 6.9 billion other people don’t. Opportunity. We spend our lives trying to be a somebody, but at what cost? One day we won’t be here anymore, none of us. And the memories will cease to exist. I know one day my life will come to end, but, from this point forward, as I look around and am surrounded by people I love and music to enjoy and waves to surf, I realised, I am no longer afraid to die

– Jane

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