Androgyny Doesn’t Make You Less of a Woman/Man

 As far as I am aware, ‘Androgyny’ is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. “Sexual ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity or lifestyle choices.” I first want to point that androgyny shouldn’t be confused with homosexuality as it deals not with sexual constitution but with a set of psychoemotional capacities. 
For me personally, I guess I take the term in a lighter sense, focusing mainly on fashion and style.
For much of my life, up until only a year or so ago I really didn’t like the way I dressed. I have never ever really felt comfortable in a dress or tight clothing. I find wearing singlets or tight T-shirts one of the most awkward things ever; and when I go out wearing these sorts of clothes, I find it hard to enjoy myself because all I can think about is going home to change. I just don’t really feel me in ultra feminine clothing. I think the way society puts genders into boxes by what they can/can’t wear is very frustrating for many people like me who like a mix of clothes available to both genders. I am fully aware it isn’t just clothes where people feel like this, and it makes me sad that if you happen to enjoy or like something typically enjoyed by the opposite gender you somehow become a subject for people to denounce. Yes, there are people out there who like to dress as boys but still want to wear makeup. There are boys out there who think skirts are cool but are very comfortable with being a man. 

“In all cultures, men are brought up to be “masculine” and to disregard and repress those aspects of their temperament that the culture regards as “feminine,” whereas women are expected to do the opposite. Creative individuals to a certain extent escape this rigid gender role stereotyping. When tests of masculinity/femininity are given to young people, over and over one finds that creative and talented girls are more dominant and tough than other girls, and creative boys are more sensitive and less aggressive than their male peers.” – pioneering psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Basically, I just feel most myself and in my skin when I am dressing authentically to what makes me feel most comfortable. Usually, that’s vans, jeans and an oversized flannel or a male T-shirt. 
But again, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to put myself in a box by saying that ‘this’ is my style. I may very well in the future feel comfortable wearing something ‘girly’ but until then I am happy with the way I dress now. I actually have a massive interest in fashion and style, and I love a lot of different feminine designers and clothing, sometimes just not on me.

I am a feminist, and I am proud to be a woman but I am also proud that I feel comfortable enough to dress how I desire. There hasn’t been a better time to be alive than now when it comes to accepting people for who they are. Having a different taste in clothing or sexuality other than heterosexual shouldn’t be something that makes you ‘different.’ We are all just different variations of the same person. I am happy people are starting to understand that.
So if you are reading this and somehow understand what I am talking about, please remember to always be authentic. Don’t ever feel ashamed about what you want to do, what you wear or how you look. This goes from the shoes you wear to length you choose to cut your hair. 

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