“An agnostic is one who believes it impossible to know anything about God or about the creation of the universe and refrains from commitment to any religious doctrine. “


Most agnostic’s, including myself are “agnostic atheists.” George Dvorsky summed it up what I believe beautifully, “My day-to-day is rooted under the presumption of atheism, which in turn has led me to adopt secular humanist and secular Buddhist values. But epistemologically, I know that I cannot know about God or other metaphysical unknowns. This is why I describe myself as an agnostic atheist, a “belief system” that’s referred to as agnosto-atheism.”
Basically, an agnostic person has come the conclusion that either way, no side can evidently prove the existence or non-existence of a devine being, and quite frankly, a lot of us just don’t care. At the end of the day, during our speck of time in front of the sun, whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Athiest or Agnostic, we are all just trying to let peace win and have fear loose. 
I don’t need to know how or why the universe was created.  People just get so caught up in arguing that crap that everyone just misses the point. 
Why do I NEED God? Why do I NEED the bible? My time here is so limited and I would quite frankly rather spend my time creating art or following my passions than trying to interoperate a book written several thousand years ago. Sure, the bible has contributed to aspects of human civilisation; it helped in early days to fix the calendar and addresses some good points on morals, which as a piece of literature, we as a society we can appreciate. 
Personally, as an “agnostic atheist”  I definitely take the atheist side on the science argument because if there is evidence for something than obviously you have no choice but to believe it, whether you like it or not. I don’t believe in evolution, I accept it as the scientifically proven way reality is. It’s like someone giving you a dairy milkshake and telling you it comes from a cow. Whether you like the truth or not, it’s just facts.
Throughout history, religion doesn’t have a good track record. In fact, women weren’t even allowed to participate in church affairs until like, 100 years ago. If you were anything other than heterosexual, you would also and can still be severely punished. It’s just ridiculous, honestly. I’m all for spirituality, and if you find that connection yourself that woo power to the people, but if you believing something because your parents told you it’s true or because your scared, than yeah I don’t condone that. On the basis of respect however, I do openly respect your religion. However, if you religion makes you support things such as the mistreatment of women, then no, I’m not going to respect you. That doesn’t make you a religious follower, that makes you an asshole. But, as I said earlier, it doesn’t matter. 
Believe whatever you want, just as long as those beliefs don’t impose on the law, or in education or any other person who does not agree with you. I happen to friends with religious people, and the members of my favourite band also happen to be Christian, and that’s totally cool. 
But then like, I’ll walk outside and look up to stars and just wonder how something so beautifully created is here for no reason? How do our faces know exactly where to grow eyebrows? How are eyes created to be such intricate colours? I don’t know, man. But I would rather not know than follow some rule book written by some dead organisms alive 2000 years ago, yanno? 
But think about it though, would you believe in God if you were raised on an island with no outside interaction? no, you wouldn’t, because you would have no idea what religion is. Could a ‘God’ be real? sure, I don’t know, and that’s the funny thing, no one will ever know.
If everyone in the world would just understand that IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE WE CAME FROM, JUST THAT WE ARE HERE, we would have a very peaceful world.

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