My Life Philosophy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to sleep and never wake up?
Have you ever really sat there and just wondered? Prior to our birth, we simply did not exist. And subsequent to our death, we will simply no longer exist. There is the same amount of energy on earth today as there was during the time of its creation. No matter can be created or destroyed, which therefore means when we die, although our bodies are no longer conscious, the energy we obtain is simply transferred into a new life. Whatever we choose to do in this cloud of time between birth and death is simply our choice. We are in 100% control of every movement, every thought and every reality we witness though our eyes. What we see is a mirror of our mind. No matter how hard scientists or religious people try and provide answers for the why’s of our existence, it simply proves that they do not understand. People that realise that they do not and will never be able to understand are the people that understand. Either way, no answer can be proven, the only thing we can prove is our existence, which is the only thing we have control over. Everything that surrounds us is just space and noise. 
Now when it comes to my life, I simply picture myself climbing. Constantly climbing. Every path we take will transform into the right path if we are following our instincts. Our instincts are controlled by a conscience we are not aware of, and therefore they are wiser than our conscious conscience. 
I have been a no person for most of my life. I have turned downed more opportunities than I can remember. I gave up my Splendour in the Grass ticket last month for the simple reason of what if. Choice is the act of hesitation we make before we make a decision. I have a sheer lack of self-confidence in the decisions I make. As much as I will deny it, I have insecurities beyond my control. Not appearance wise, but within myself, the most harmful insecurites. But what I have come to learn that is, if you have self-confidence, you can entirely get away with doing the wrong thing. 
So, this is why I am leaving the country in roughly 3 months to travel Europe for a while. Do I know what is going to happen? No. But does this bother me? No.
My next tattoo which I plan to get soon, will be “Oui” on my foot somewhere. Im sure you know, but if you didn’t, it means Yes in french. 
I wanna start saying yes more.
I wanna start living more.
OH, my friends and I have started a band. been messing around with lyrics and stuff but hopefully we can have something out soon. Cool. 

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