BLURRYFACE TOUR Twenty One Pilots: Concert Review

Okay. Where do I begin. Ah.

I’ve sat here for a while pondering how to begin this..trying to come up with some angelic combination of words that describe how fucking amazing twenty one pilots were last night. 
The show was at The Met in Brisbanes Fortitude Valley, an intimate two story club venue. 
Unfortunately, we got there slightly late so we weren’t at the front, but in saying that we were only 8-10 metres away from the stage so it was fine. 
An indie-rock duo from NSW’s Central Coast who call themselves Little Earthquake opened up, they were pretty sick. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard their stuff on triple j in the past but I was super into their stuff so I actually just bought their debut EP on iTunes (Bright Side).
Anyway, when they came out it was nuts. Literally. It was a tight mosh but it was totally fine. I was pretty put off of mosh pits after The 1975 gig but I’ve soon realised that was so horrendous because of the annoying teen girls who never STOP PUSHING, not to mention the fact it was held in an insulated sauna with soaring temps of 45 degrees plus.
Anyway last night, these three 20 yo guys were beside me and were so so into it which made the vibe so contagious, we were all screaming lyrics so loud it was like a moment of emotional connection without the physical connection, haha.
I am aware a lot of people aren’t familiar with Twenty One Pilots, and selfish me I would prefer to keep it that way. They aren’t everyones music taste, so take this as you wish. Personally, they are one of my favourite bands. They just get it.

They opened with Heavy Dirty Soul which was a top choice IMO. Secondly they played crowd fave Stressed Out which was INCREDIBLE. Ah, it’s really hard to explain the feeling of being in a room with one of your favourite bands with a whole bunch of people who feel the exact same way as you about the music. It was incredible. Tyler crowd surfed, like usual. 
Guns for Hands from their previous album vessel was another crowd fave, and it was cool to see the amount of people that knew the lyrics to it considering it is one of their older songs.
They also played The Judge for the FIRST TIME EVER. Being one of my not only favourite songs from Blurryface, but of all time, it was so dope. 
When they did Car Radio, Tyler miraculously appeared in a cage that just happened to be RIGHT ABOVE ME. When he was singing the last verse, we locked eyes and screamed the last lyrics to each other and honestly it’s moments like these that stay with you forever. Like, legit forever, I will never forget that moment.
They left with trees, a P E R F E C T song to say goodbye with. A song full of emotion that hits you right in the chest, my favourite kind of music.
Both Josh and Tyler were just so stoked to be there on stage and you could totally tell, the energy was contagious. This is their first headline tour in Australia so I am so happy each show sold out. They deserve everything. 
If you ever get the chance to see them live, go. 

PS I am still not okay, currently blaring Ride and scrolling through Josh’s instagram. Bye.

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