Understanding Yourself

The key to anything is understanding. Once you truly understand religion, you become an atheist. Once you truly understand mathematics, equations becomes simple. Once you understand your mind, you realise that everything you think is a choice. Once your mind and your soul are working together, you will achieve greatness.
I think we all have that destination of sanctuary in our mind. For me, it’s sitting in front of the ocean, staring at the waves rolling and and listening to simple sounds repeat themselves the same but differently each time. For my friend Indra, it’s staring up at the lucid overcast sky surrounded by trees whilst trying to the HNSCC track. For Charlie in Perks of Being a Wallflower, its driving under that tunnel for the last time. That time he realises we are infinite. *watch video below*

You and I, as complicated human beings, are made up of everything. We don’t know why we exist, only the fact that we simply do. We come into this world having never slept, and we exit this world by falling asleep and never waking up. What we choose to do between this time is simply up to us. You can choose to spend it in misery or choose to spend in sanctuary. I remember being in a mosh pit at a DJ set playing throwback music at Splendour in the Grass and looking around and it all hit me. It was that moment I realised I was not half empty. There was music in the night and we could all dance the sun out of the sky. Tonight I remembered that feeling, and decided from this point on I want to feel like that forever. Passionate. Happy. I want to feel that way forever and I know that I am going to spend the remainder of my life making that possible.
There have been nights when I lay in bed and cannot stop worrying. Then, I begin to worry that I am worried. And additionally begin to worry at the fact that I am worried about being worried. And then, because this is quite absurd I get mad at myself. It is a vicious cycle. A cycle that is a form of anxiety. A cycle that causes people to develop insomnia.
I know other people feel this feel and try to get their mind to be be quiet. Normally, it doesn’t work. And we find distractions..whether that’s dating, drinking alcohol, going out, doing drugs. Anything. Anything to prevent ourselves being alone with our thoughts.
Right now, hold your index finger in the air. Now raise your middle finger and smile. You look cute. Now touch your temple with your index finger. See, look at that, it’s you being in control of your body. Just like how you can be in control of your thoughts.
Now the only other step you need to take is to work out what you want. WHAT DO YOU WANT?
What makes you happy? What is something love? Find it, think about it. All the time. Devote your thinking to what you love and what you want to happen. Your life will begin to change rapidly, I promise.

BTW, You should listen to Bon Iver – Holecene. It’s a great track, might inspire you like it did me. ALSO, listen to some Alan Watts on Youtube. Thank me later.

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