And I care what you think.

Twenty One Pilots schizo pop duo just released their fourth studio album, Blurryface. I was reading some music blogs and I think I came across one called under the gun review or something. Anyway, it pretty much just said it was a lacklustre record (lacklustre meaning lacking in  vitality; uninspiring). To be honest, I don’t think the guy that wrote that review really understood the theme or context, like, at all. He is probably that guy that strictly listens to British 80s rock and criticises anything else. I sound like that person that get’s super defensive when people critisise The Breakfast Club. People that don’t like The Breakfast Club simply just don’t get it. It was a story of five lost teenagers who were asked to right an essay on who they are. I mean, even at the end of the day they couldn’t really answer the existential question.  Cause who the fuck really knows who they are? The kids, each representing a different teen stereotype, come to understand each other. They strike up friendships. They denounce their parents. They decide that “when you grow up, your heart dies.”

Twenty One Pilots aren’t out to have majestically produced backing tracks; they are a two twenty 
something year olds feeling neurotic about life and like to sing about it. We are all broken some way. We are all nostalgic about our childhood. We are all stressed out. We all loose someone we love. And in reference to Stressed out, deep down we all like to say we don’t care what people think but we really do. I also love the line that comes from the blurry face character”Wake up you need to make money.” It sort of really resonated with me. The way I interoperate it is that no one really wants to grow up, we are sort of forced into it. Graduate high school, go to college, get a job blah blah. People are just pissed off and bored. People want to be kids again. That’s how I see the song anyway.
Throughout the entire album the term blurry face seems to come up a lot an extension character – who reveals itself at time of insecurity. OH AND LET’S NOT FORGET THE CLOSING TRACK. Goner. Wow. You need to listen. It’s been in the works since 2012 and some fans actually thought it would never make it onto a record..but it did..and it’s great

OH BTW, If you’re an Australian and live on the east coast (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) soz Perth, they are touring. You should go, just saying. Head over to live nation for info. THEY ARE ON SALE NOW AND TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE. 

“It has the ability to rip, tear, open and prod your emotions until you finally realise that yes, there is so much more to understand about life than my 9-5 job and this burned out salad.”
So yeah, check out the album. Have a cry. Bye.

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