Yesterday morning, almost 300 girls and women have been rescued from Boko Haram militant camps, however they were not the girls from Chibok, the Nigerian Military says. I don’t even want to think about let alone comprehend what these girls and women would have gone through during their time in Boko Haram custody and control. This news is a victory, but it’s not over.
For those of you unaware of the Boko Haram Terrorist Group (which, I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t be aware unless I studied it), I am writing this post for you.
In short, the Boko Haram are an Islamist extremist terrorist group operating in Nigeria. Over the past ten years, the Boko Haram epidemic has spread across the country like a cancer. In April last year, they were responsible for the kidnapping of over 250 Nigerian school girls which began the international campaign to ‘Bring Back Our Girls.’ Their name actually stands for “western education is forbidden” and the group have undergone a number of horrific and disturbing attacks against Nigerian people, including their deadliest attack yet earlier this year which left 2000 dead, just like that.
What saddens me about this situation is that no one seems to know whats going on. The media just don’t seem to care. As much as it angers me to admit it, if these attacks were happening to white people, the world wouldn’t be so silent. 

Nigerian Lives Matter protest in London // Stephanie Wilson

It brings me deep sadness to know that women and girls are still being violated and exploited in many parts of the world. The beliefs of Boko Haram, which I will add are not the views of Islam, are so infuriating and sexist that I find it hard to comprehend that a human mind could possibly be so indoctrinated to think this way. There is vast evidence to indicate that women face rape, sexual assault, slavery, torture and murder whilst they are in custody of the extremists. If this doesn’t ignite something in you, knowing this is happening to girls as young as five, that I don’t know what else I can say that could change your mind. We need to educate others of this epidemic, we need international pressure to put to a stop to this. We need your support!
Nigerian Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. 

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