Before the internet, rockstars were an ethereal mystery, and no one really knew what sort of people they were off the stage and out of the studio. You got famous if you made good music. If you had a shit record, it wasn’t going to sell, even if you looked like James Dean or had a father that was rich. It was all about the music. You had to connect, and if you didn’t, then weren’t going to make it.
The 1975’s music connected with me. Well, it all started with the music, before I got incredibly intrigued by MH’s mind. I have to say though, it didn’t happen instantaneously, and I think I had their album and EP’s in my iTunes library for a few months before I really realised the impact they were having on me. I knew something was up when I never wanted to skip any of their songs on shuffle, and that’s saying something.

“We kinda wanted people to fall in love with the band the same way you fall in love with a person – the more you get to know about somebody over a lover period of time, the more you invest in the relationship” – Matty Healy

The 1975 have this attraction; this aesthetic; this charisma that just leaves you pondering in the best way possible. Their self-titled debut covers more than just girls and sex. Well, that’s kind of ironic since those are both track titles, but you really have to look deeper. MH sings with such honestly; there is this rawness and vulnerability in his voice. I have no idea how he managed to congest so many deep feelings into words, words that leave a different meaning in different people. You could spend months reading and analysing lyrics by The 1975 and you would still find new interpretations and meanings each time. All it takes is one listen to HSNCC in complete silence and darkness to literally feel the energy. Most people can feel the emotion in Me and Fallingfoyou through headphones alone, and I won’t even begin to describe what it feels like to hear the words live. They didn’t make this record for people to hear it, they made this record for themselves.

When you’re listening to the record, you just become so endorsed in the fact that the lyrics are so fucking meaningful and therapeutic. They are the kind of lyrics you want to get tattooed. I feel like MH feels things on a much deeper level, and not everyone can have a way with words like he can. But then again, sometimes it’s just a simply lyrical statement such as “get in the shower if it all goes wrong,” and you sort of sit back and think, wait, that’s really fucking true.
He has sort of created this empire for himself where everyone takes what he says and does very seriously, which can be good and bad at times. Good because he has an influence to change peoples minds, bad because kids get pissy on twitter when he tries to talk about real issues.

On a more, lighter note I suppose, I just want to thank them. I would love to in person, hopefully I can one day. I can honestly say that their music has had a bigger impact on my life (and my vocabulary) than any other record. It came at the right place and the right time, and I will always be grateful.

Q:Why do you love The 1975?
A: Because they just get it.
– Indra

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