Feature: Tré Jaybez

Melbourne Fashion Week 


Any social media?
Yeah, Instagram. @tre_tre_train

How old are you?
I’m Seventeen.

And where are you living now? 
At the moment, I’m in Darwin. But I’ve pretty much lived everywhere. I’m quite a Vagabond.

What’s it like? Being Vagabond? 
It’s really tiring. Constantly moving, constantly trying to make friends. It’s hard but it’s fun because of the connections and people you meet. The hardest part is leaving people behind..It’s a good life experience, I suppose.

You modelled at Melbourne Fashion Week, what was that like?
Um, it was intense. The training. People don’t realise that walking on a runway is actually really hard work. Of course it’s meant to look effortless but we must focus and control every single aspect of our physical body. The actual event was fun, a complete blur and went by so quickly. Nerve racking because everybody is analysing you and what you’re doing but so fun and i’d love to do more.

Is modelling something you want to pursue? What’s your plans?
Yes. My dream career would be modelling, I would get to travel and meet new people and stuff. I did my first catwalk at a Radio Metro Competition, that was fun. If modelling doesn’t work out, I would love to do criminal psychology. I find that really interesting, I don’t really know though. I have been applying to various agencies, I guess I’ll just wait till I’m back in Brisbane.

So..do you have any inspirations..any role models?
Well there is Jake Gordon. One of the few male indigenous models. Inspiring to think that an indigenous model can make it in the fashion industry. Like Samantha Harris. Nice to think that dark coloured models can be successful in the trade.

And you like Grimes, hey?
Grimes, her music and art does inspire my own scribbles that I do. Her album, Visions, is one of my favourites to draw too, just has that creative vibe. Her art is like childlike/dark and I always endeavour to give off the same feeling with mine.

Your art is really cool. What inspires your art?
It’s sort of a mental and emotional therapy for me, like songwriting for musicians I guess. I love mandala art, I’ve been into that lately. It’s always changing. Lately i’ve been into drawing eyes.

Are you a fan of psychedelics?
Ahh..you mean the drugs?

Yes. Not the people
Only do drugs once..shrooms sound fun..I don’t really know. Anything natural, not a fan of that toilet made shit.

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