Olivia McCarthy, aka JOY, is an 18 year old writer, singer and producer from local turf in Brisbane, Australia. She graduated from Brisbane’s Music Industry College last year, and prior to her departure has been on tour across the country. Her vocals are beyond magnetic and alluring, bound to leave you on the edge of your seat completely tranced. You’ve probably heard her stuff on Triple J, but in case you haven’t, the link is here. She also happens to be good friends with one of my best mates Nirvana, and I was lucky enough to get her to answer a few questions.
You can purchase her tracks on iTunes. x

Who are your main musical influences?
At the moment I’m listening to alot of Enya, Bon Iver, Benjamin Francis Leftwich and tycho along with some classical stuff, so it’s a massive combination of various soundscapes. I find most of my inspiration comes from a lot of instrumental music, trying to figure out the sounds, whilst still being inspired by good lyrical content and song writing structures in the works of like The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. 

How did you juggle school and music?
I didn’t really lol. I went to a school called Music Industry College, and luckily enough, alot of my assessment was based around my project in the industry, which made everything alot easier. Looking back now, I definitely spent way way too much time sitting up at night playing around on my laptop when I could have been studying a bit more, but it all turned out okay.

Is touring what you expected it to be?
Yes and no I guess. I definitely had prepared myself for ultimate chaos, which at times it was, but in between shows if there is a week break, you get bored off your mind and just sit at home watching the Simpsons. (which isn’t really a bad thing). Touring is hard, I need to teach myself to sleep more. And eat good food. 

Happiest moment you can recall?
Too many..

What’s been you favourite gig so far?
Probably Laneway, that was insane. V v v fun. There’s something about the natures of crowds at festivals, they’re so much more into it, which makes it super fun to perform, because everyone’s just going nuts. 

How do you feel about supporting Tkay?
EXCITED. I’m keen to try out some new vibes in my set. Tkay and I do very different things, so I’m interested in seeing how I can adapt my set to suit different crowds, but at the same time, not change my music.

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