Since the festival season is quickly approaching I thought I would just compress a tonne of my ideas/thoughts/tips etc. on being festival ready.. 🙂


1. Portable Phone Charger
2. Dry Shampoo
3. Band-aids
4. Panadol (aspirin or whatever you call it in places other than Australia)
5. Good quality Sunscreen
6. Money (cash, though). They spring you with bottled water. Stash some $2 coins or a few $5 notes in your pockets or bag.
7. Sunglasses (only if it’s sunny out of course)
8. Deodorant or a small travel perfume
9. Hair ties & bobby pins – you never know man, they do have a thousand uses.

1. To get the front, don’t push, a simple “excuse me” or “sorry I’ve lost my friend” works..
2. Befriend people beside you. Don’t be shy, music festivals are the coolest places to meet the coolest people. I met a girl in the Hot Dub Time Machine mosh at splendour last year called Tilly and I’m convinced we are soul mates, she was ACEEEE.
3.  Not to be hater, but theres always that one friend that brings a bloody massive hat then decides to take it off..don’t be that friend. Only wear a massive hat if you know you aren’t going to want to take it off, sunscreen works fine 🙂 (for me at least)
4. GO OFF THE GRID – Turn off your 3G. You don’t need to online document your experience, that’s what your mouth is for.  It’s cool to snap a few pics here and there…but don’t forget that Instagram and whatever social platform you use aren’t going anywhere.
5. Know the festival times, or at least have a good look before the day so you can roughly plan out which sets you want to see.
6. Don’t go off alone..always keep at least 1 mate by your side.
7. If you want to meet band members..your best chance is to hang around the radio tents.
8. Be free – who gives a shit if you’re the only one singing or dancing, your vibe will radiate. Don’t stress about what people may think of you.
9. Talk to Strangers. (not if they look creepy though, haha) – but for real, meeting new people is greaaaat.

1. Glitter – on your face, your body, your soul.
2. Messy Braids and Surf Spray are ideal for festivals (Fudge Urban)
3. Think about it you REALLY want to wear a flower crown..hmm?
4. Stack up the necklaces/bracelets/rings
5. Music Festivals are a good time to experiment with clothing don’t be afraid
6. Don’t go overboard on makeup (eyeshadow/blush etc. are not necessary, it will come off and look worse anyway)
7. Hair Chalk is fun to mess with
8. Be careful with your footwear choices..if it’s raining, bring wellies. If it’s dry, doc martins or just boots that can get dirty are cool. You DO NOT want to be wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Hope this helped..let me know if you are going to any festivals this season in the comments xx


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