Henrik Purienne 
I first discovered Henrik Purienne through the December Issue of Russh Magazine. The moment I opened to the six page spread of his beyond immaculate photographs of a white haired Norwegian girl Becca, I became obsessed. Literally. He is actually the founder of a art/fashion/culture magazine called Mirage, which unfortunately I am yet to buy but considering he is behind it I will definitely need to get on that. His photographs capture in my eyes, the perfect raw aesthetic of natural feminine beauty. I am soooo obsessed.
Here are a few snippits of his work.. Check his his website here.

PHOTOGRAPHY Henrik Purienne

All images – an exclusive preview from his forthcoming book BECCA BIBLE – are published with thanks to

Jason Lee Parry
I discovered Jason when I was stalking Sky Ferreria on Instagram.. He is known for his  “mastery of storytelling and his ability to capture raw, natural beauty.” What I love most is that his work has a contagious grunge essence; which comes across as this nostalgic collection of places and people. He “approaches each shoot like he is making a movie, pushing the model into character. His images evoke undiluted sexiness mixed with a feeling of youthful freedom” are some was rather hard just choosing a few, so have a look on his website here to see more x


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