Formed in Brighton England, the Kooks are an indie rock band primarily influenced by the 1960s British Invasion movement and post-punk revival of the new millennium. Over the years The Kooks have maintained their status as an essential band to anyone who is interested in the music scene. Their music various from face pace rock, acoustic catchy sing alongs and slower ballads.

Catfish and the Bottlemen

This past Friday, the 23rd of January, my concert pal Indra and I made our way up to Brisbane to attend the Kooks concert held at the Riverstage. On the day of the event, everyone was almost convinced it was going to be called off due to the flash flooding in Brisbane, but the universe seemed to like us that night and the rain stopped just as the show started.

They were supported by fellow Welsh quad Catfish and the Bottlemen (CATB) and an Australian band from Sydney known as the Griswolds. Personally, I really enjoyed seeing CATB open up the stage as I was previously a fan of their music. Although many people in the crowd weren’t as familiar with them, they had almost everyone rocking out & singing along to the few lines they knew. Lead singer Van McCann is also a proper lad which made the whole experience more inciting. They released an album a few weeks ago (The Balcony) so if you’re interested in checking that out click here.

When the Kooks finally made it to stage to start their set, it was smiles all round from the erupted crowd full 17-25 year olds. We were dancing throughout the whole set, which was mad. They played tracks from their latest Album Listen as well as from their previous albums. My personal favourites were Around Town which was their opening song, as well as See the world, Westside, She Moves in Her Own way, Seaside and Down. 

Lead singer Luke Pritchard was on point engaging the crowd and utilising the stage like it was familiar ground. The encore included crowd favourites See Me Now, Junk of the Heart (Happy) and of course Naïve which had everyones hands bopping away in the air.

Basically, the Kooks are great, and if you were to take anything away from this it would be to open up Spotify or whatever platform you use and hit up their tunes, you won’t be disappointed, unless of course you have poor taste. Oops.

ALL MY PICTURES. Excuse the quality, I had to use my iPhone as cameras were not allowed, unfortunately. 

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