Last night, The 18th of January, I saw The 1975 live in Brisbane.
The British Indie-rock band from Manchester England, who also happen to produce some of the most beautifully mixed music my ears have ever encountered, lit up the room last night with their aesthetically pleasing stage presence and light show.

Circa Waves, who were the opening act, also from England, were surprisingly good and I’d happily recommend their music to you guys, they were also really cute.

The 1975 opened the stage blasting The City, which lit up the room with joy and smiles and a lot of iPhones. I can not even comprehend the happiness I felt whilst standing there completely and utterly overwhelmed. Each track they played was beyond perfect, and after being on the road for almost 3 years straight, they definitely know how to put on a good show. Matty bounced around the stage with a cigarette and a bottle of red, whilst dancing away into the microphone and sharing his angelic vocals with the overheated crowd. There is truly no words or expression that can describe his charisma, he makes a lot of people happy and I know he knows that.

I was beyond stoked when they played Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You, which they don’t normally play, as well as their newest track Medicine.
My personal favourite of the night was the emotional song titled Me, which had my friend Indra and I in tears. Before the song he asked the crowd to put away their phones, and thankful the majority obliged. He held his palm in the air as did the crowd and it felt as though we were all connected. It was a feeling I will never ever forget.

The two fan favourites Sex and Chocolate brought the vibing room to life. To have this kind of connection with the fans purely through music is rare these days, especially with social media, but The 1975 have figured it all out so effortlessly. I will never forget this night, and the anticipation for new music is already making me fluster. 
DISCLAIMER: All photos are my own. 

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