Natural Beauty Remedies

1. People often say to use coconut oil on your hair and body, well I suggest lathering that stuff on your face. I know a lot of people get oily skin in the summer, and dry skin in the winter, but that’s the opposite for me. Here in Australia, the dry summer heat dries out my skin SO MUCH. I lather coconut oil (make sure it’s the pure stuff) over my face and its the most hydrating thing ever. If you apply some 30 mins before you do your makeup, it will make your skin a lot fresher and dewier which is always nice I think.

2. Paw Paw cream is the best lip balm you will ever come across. Period. If you don’t have a tube YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON LIFE. 
3. Pure Tea Tree Oil is the best spot treatment. It will have a blemish disappear within a couple of days. 
4. Olive oil and sugar makes a good face and body exfoliator! But, if you have super sensitive skin, it could be a little harsh! 
5. Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with some bicarb soda, and apply it to your teeth for about 2 minutes! It works as a natural teeth whitener! *Don’t leave it on too long, or your teeth could become a little sensitive.

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