Brooklyn Street Style

I recently went on a trip around the United States, and got a hell of a lot of style inspiration. My favourite place, by far, was Brooklyn in New York. It had so many good vibes, smiling faces, street art and cool shops. I sat in a small restaurant/bar for over 2 hours at  on a Saturday evening in Bedford Avenue. I have never seen so many collectively well dressed people in my life. The people here were not as sleek and polished as the Manhattan counterpart, but the style was fresh, quirky, and unique. No one was wearing the same thing, and each person had a dope and cool personal style. However, I did notice some consistencies, which I will name below. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good photos, as I only had my iPhone as my camera ran out of battery. However, sometimes you don’t need to capture things digitally to remember what you saw or how it made you feel.

Tonnes of girls had bleached hair, mainly different pastel colours. A lot of people also had white/platinum/off grey hair which looked sick also. Another thing which I had previously noticed, was the hairstyle of the half up half down bun. However, I personally think people with shoulder length hair can pull off this look better.

Black Leather in general.
Leather Jackets are a staple item which will never ever go out of style, so it’s justifiable to invest a bit of money into buying a good one. They can be worn at day or night, and can dress an outfit up or down. Win Win.
Lace. I noticed a tonne of girls wearing lace, pacifically in the form of a long sleeve top. I personally like white lace the best. It’s so feminine and flattering.
Bralettes. Visible bralettes seemed to be a trend in Brooklyn. I like the ones from free people. American Apparel have cute ones also.
The basic white tee. Have a look at Brandy Melville.

Leather backpacks. I actually bought an amazing vintage one in Brooklyn, and I had a super long conversation with the girl who owned the store about them. If you want to pick one up, don’t buy one from a chain store and try to find a unique option at a more underground clothing company or vintage outlet. Not only are they convenient as you can throw them on your back and have your hands free, they can hold a lot of shit and just look so good.

Worn out converse.
Black boots.
Doc Martins.


The following pictures are not mine!

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