Cool stuff 

I have developed a new obsession with Retro/beachy Snapbacks..I found it difficult to find a decent picture but this one will do
As some of you may know Jay Adams passed away from a heart attack last week. For those of you who didn’t know he was one of the original Z-boys. They were a group of skateboarders in the mid 1970s from Venice, California. I love the whole vibe they portrayed and I recommend you all go watch the film “Lords of Dogtown” cause it’s real cool.
Jay Adams

For quite some time now I have been totally obsessed with grunge/bleach/punk hair..It’s just so cool okay. I recommend following Bleach London for some sick hair inspiration.
Cool Coloured Braids

More hair inspiration.. 
This picture just makes me so happy. A group of friends on a rooftop with some booze. Probably talking about how awesome life is. 
Street Art is the coolest thing ever, I know you all agree.

I know you all know I like The 1975. But I just got tickets to their gig yesterday so i’m including this super hip photo of the boys. 

I’ve Recently found a new alternative artist who I’m obsessed with. Her whole vibe and style is so cool to me. Her stage name is HALSEY so check her out. She’s going on tour with The Kooks next month. So many cool things to come for her.. 
I mentioned in my pervious post how I liked Blouse’s under sweaters. Here’s another edition. 

I watched this film the other day and I LOVE IT. It was so cool. Please watch it. Please. 


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