Staying Positive

Staying positive can be hard, obviously there are times in our lives with nothing seems to be going right and you just can’t find the positives in anything. However, there will always be something to smile about. If your reading this post, you obviously have access to the internet. Only 34% of people (less than half) of the world have access to internet. Did you also know that 80% of the world live off no more than $10.00 a day!

Despite our blessings, humans will always focus on the negatives, it’s part of who we are. If your feeling down, simply pull out a notebook or your phone a jot down the things that are making you feel down. Once you start to list the things making you upset, you will soon realise how what you thought was a life-ending situation really isn’t anything to waste your time on. List beside your issue how you could possible resolve it. i.e “My parents won’t let me sleepover at a friends house.” This issue can be solved be compromising, perhaps your parents will let you go till 10pm but not sleepover?

Another way to boost your mood and forget about the things making you mad is by exercising, yes it sounds horrible but it has so many benefits. It will clear your mind and leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed. 
Don’t stuff your face with unhealthy food and sit in your bed all day, this will promote the negativity. Instead, spend time creating healthy foods that are both enjoyable and good for you! There are many videos on YouTube about quick and easy healthy snack ideas!
Invite a friend over and have some laughs, laughing is one of our natural highs and will always leave you feeling much better. 
Don’t forget, life is a blessing, the sooner you realise how amazing life is the more enjoyable your life will be. Keep smiling, compliment others, appreciate all that you do have and reflect those negative thoughts and issues right out of your head. Remember, you are in charge of YOU! Take control. 

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